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KA336 is a single component, ultra high strength, anaerobic adhesive, this product cures spontaneously and rapidly when confined in absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces only. (Not for use on plastics)

KA336 is a revolutionary new anaerobic adhesive, which can be used as a retaining compound for cylindrical parts or as a locking and sealing agent for threaded parts. This product has been specially formulated in Europe as an agricultural ‘one product for most farming applications’.
It’s high performing sealing capabilities make it highly resistant to temperature, corrosion, water, oils, hydrocarbons, gas and many chemicals agents. As the name suggests, it is extremely difficult to loosen.

KA336 is suitable for cylindrical parts such as large diameter bearings, sleeves, shafts and housings. It is also suitable for threaded parts such as medium to coarse pitch pipe ends and fitings, bolts, studs and nuts. Used for preventing loosening from extreme shock and vibrations, on farming implements, equipment, piping and machinery.

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